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Jet’s Rehab Rescue is pleased to be partnering again with Pioneers For Animal Welfare Society (PAWS LI) to support a very special pup…beautiful Caramel! Together, our rescues are committed to finding her the perfect forever home. Caramel is a Thai Ridgeback mix originally from Thailand and is a survivor of the Thai dog meat trade!! Caramel was rescued and made her way to a Long Island shelter where she was adopted, but unfortunately the adoption didn’t work out. Caramel ended up at another Long Island shelter (she arrived on her second birthday) and remained there for four long years, waiting for a home. She had great care at the shelter and has a huge following of loving fans, but as can be expected she was not thriving in that environment for such a long time. Now at six years old, she finally has a chance at finding her true forever home! Just six days past her sixth birthday, Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society pulled Caramel from the shelter and transported her to upstate New York to work with an exceptional behaviorist. She was fully evaluated and has been receiving the structure and care that she needs. Caramel has completed a Board and Train program, specifically designed to address her unique issues. Due to her age, there are some behaviors that will likely not be fully resolved. She can be timid or skittish with new people and she can resource guard her food. By following a specific protocol, however, these behaviors should not be a problem. Caramel will require an adopter who is patience and committed to working with her until she is comfortably settled in her new home. Caramel’s ideal environment is a calm, adult-only home with no other (uncontained) pets, where structure is provided. Caramel knows all basic commands: sit, stay, come, down, heel, leave it, paw, and no jump. She is treat motivated, loves attention from her people, and is eager to please. She loves her toys, and enjoys watching geese play in the creek. In order to ensure long-term success, we are requiring that Caramel’s adopter take part in behavior sessions with our behaviorist to learn the best way to work with her. While the sessions can be done via video conference, an adopter in the Rochester, NY area is preferred. Caramel’s adopter will be rewarded with a wonderful dog, who is loyal, playful, fun, and very loving! If you are interested in Caramel, please contact Pioneers For Animal Welfare Society at:, OR (631) 306 4616, as they are handling initial inquiries.


Status: Available

Age: 6 years old

Breed: Thai Ridgeback Mix

Sex: Female

Generation: Adult

Weight: 57 lbs

Size: Medium

Activity Level: Moderate

Interaction With Kids: Not good

Interaction With Dogs: Not good

Interaction With Cats And Small Animals: Not good

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Vaccines Up To Date: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes